Uncategorized Are Prices And Rates Going To Continue To Rise Better Homeowners Are prices and rates going to continue to rise?    One of the most talked about questions in the real estate market has to do with “Will prices continue to rise now that interest rates have increased dramatically this year?” It is understandable to think that if the Federal Reserve is using interest […]
Uncategorized 58 Year Old Landlord Says Goodbye To Tenants 58-Year-Old Landlord Says Goodbye to Tenants Daniel Goodwin, Chief Investment Strategist Fri, July 23, 2021, 12:30 AM·7 min read Meet Frank and Linda, (not their real names). Frank and Linda have been married for 30 years and had begun having conversations around making plans for Frank to leave Corporate America before Frank turned 60. Linda […]
Uncategorized Doing Nothing Is Costing Something Doing Nothing is Costing Something It has been said that more money has been lost due to indecisions than ever was due to making the wrong decisions.  Many times, the larger the decision, the more likely procrastination comes into play and doing nothing will cost something. Buying a home is certainly one of the biggest […]
Uncategorized Less To Own Than To Rent Less to Own than to Rent 7/7/2021 The question is “financially speaking, are you better off owning than renting in the long term?” Renting a home has advantages.  It is usually a short-term commitment from year to year and the landlord is responsible for the repairs. Owning a home with today’s low mortgage rates, the total […]
Uncategorized Solved! What are Closing Costs? Solved! What are Closing Costs? Closing on your home involves more than just signing documents and getting the keys. You need to come prepared to pay closing costs, which can be quite expensive. By Terri Williams Q: I’m renting and thinking about buying a home since I would be paying the same amount—if not less—than I’m […]
Uncategorized This Is Why You Should Be Investing in Real Estate Right Now This Is Why You Should Be Investing in Real Estate Right Now by Kevin Leyes ENTREPRENEUR LEADERSHIP NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR Chairman of Leyes Empire, CEO of Leyes Media and VVS Investing in real estate might seem like the latest get-rich-quick scheme you’ve seen on TikTok, but it’s been making people rich for years. Leonard Stern of New Jersey started out as […]
Uncategorized “Mise En Place” for Home Buying In cooking, “mise en place” describes having all your ingredients measured, cut, peeled, sliced, grated, as well as bowls, utensils and pans ready to use before you begin cooking.  The advantage is to inventory the ingredients and recognize if you have everything you need.  You are less likely to leave out an ingredient or step […]
Uncategorized It’s Not Too Late To Refinance     With mortgage rates below 4% since May 2019, you would think that most people would have already refinanced but according to a recent Lending Tree survey, 49% of homeowners say they are considering a mortgage refinance in the next year.  The report estimated that over a third of homeowners are have mortgages above […]
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Uncategorized A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing A beginner’s guide to real estate investing, according to experts By Camryn La Sala April 30, 2021 | 4:25pm | Updated The coronavirus pandemic has put a lot into perspective for many of us. While no one’s quarantine experience was the same, one thing we can all agree on is that all that time at home certainly gave us time […]
Uncategorized Is the Housing Market About To Crash? Home Prices Have Hit a New High—Is the Housing Market About To Crash? By Clare Trapasso May 3, 2021 With home prices at a new record high and homes flying off the market in hours in some cases, it’s no wonder that Google searches for “when is the housing market going to crash” have spiked dramatically […]
Uncategorized How Smart is Your Home? Selling or Buying Smart Homes More and more homeowners are employing smart home technology within their homes.  It may start with a video doorbell or lights and progress to other devices.  The smart-home device market is rapidly growing and Forbes research expects it to grow from $55 billion in 2016 to $174 billion in 2025. […]
Uncategorized COVID and Credit Standards Tighter Credit Standards According to the FNMA Mortgage Lender Sentiment Study for the second quarter of 2020, 52% of participants said during the past three months, they have tightened credit standards for mortgages that can be purchased by government sponsored enterprises, GSE, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  64% reported they had also tightened standards for non-GSE […]
Uncategorized Make Your Home Work for You Why a Home Works for You Equity in a home is the difference between what the home is worth and what is owed on the home.  As the property goes up in value, the unpaid balance is going down with each payment being made.  These dynamics are working in different directions to make the equity grow. Leverage, […]