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Costs of Housing The Measure of a Home How Does It Measure Up? People are always looking for a “down and dirty” way to determine the value of a home and square footage seems to be one of the most common things used by people whether they are buyers, sellers or real estate agents.  While it seems straight forward, there are several variances that […]
Moving What to do before you get ready to SELL? Four Things Sellers Should Do Before the Sign Goes in the Yard 10/2020 Just like buyers should be pre-approved before they begin to look at houses, Sellers should have their home pre-approved.  The reasons are similar: appeal to the “right” buyers, discover issues with the home early, improve marketability, increase negotiations position and close quicker. For […]
Home Maintenance DIY – not just for big projects DIY Shower Cleaner
Costs of Housing To pool or not to pool Building a Pool Is Just the Beginning During the first major stay-at-home event that most of us have experienced in this country, a pool can give you and your family enjoyable recreation without leaving the home.  For those without a pool, the NPD group reports that the Covid-19 pandemic has increased pool building by 161% this year. When […]
Costs of Housing Mortgage Prepayment Prepaying Your Mortgage 7/2020 Paying off your mortgage can provide peace of mind and is a worthy goal but is it the best thing for you to do at this time. Do you have higher interest rate debt currently?  If you have credit card debt with double-digit rates or personal, car or student loans, you’ll probably […]
Moving Do you have Equity? Equity Relief Approximately 63% of U.S. homeowners have mortgages and their equity increased 5.4% in the fourth quarter of 2019 over the same period a year earlier.  ATTOM Data Solutions, in its fourth-quarter 2019 report, showed that 14.5 million residential properties were considered equity rich.  That means the combined estimated amount of loans secured on those properties […]
Moving Leaving Town – What about the Mail? Hold Your Mail 2/6/2020 Headed out of town?  The USPS can hold your mail safely at your local Post Office until you return, and you can do it quickly online.
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