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Credit Missed Payments Missed Payments Wondering how much it can or will effect your chances of owning a home or what you can do about it? Let’s talk.
Buyers Agent Buyers – be prepared in this sellers market 6 Mistakes to Avoid 10/2020
Buyers Agent Here’s how homeownership is – Worth the Push It’s Worth Digging a Little Deeper 10/2020 There are hundreds of thousands of people who believe, for one reason or another, they cannot afford to buy a home currently.  Some people  may not for any number of reasons but it would be very surprising to know how many who can buy but have gotten some bad […]
Costs of Housing Three Reasons to Refinance Three reasons to refinance a home include lowering the cost of housing, shortening the term of the mortgage to pay it off sooner or to using the equity to accomplish another purpose. Replacing the mortgage at a lower interest rate, which is entirely possible in today’s market, would reduce the payment.  On the other hand, shortening […]
Buyers Agent Mortgages Pre-Qual vs Pre-Approval Good Decision for a Second Opinion 7/2020 You’ve done your homework, contacted a mortgage company and believe you are pre-approved.  That part of the process is finished and you can concentrate of finding a home and moving…or can you? Pre-qualified and pre-approved are two different things but some people, including some in the business, use the […]
Buyers Agent How is your FICO FICO Resilience Index 7/2020 FICO, the company that standardized a credit scoring model to allow lenders to evaluate a person’s ability to repay a loan has now added a new tool called the FICO Resilience Index.  This measurement can be used to determine a consumer’s ability to withstand uncertain financial times. It uses credit bureau information […]
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