Budget 50-30-20 Budget – Smart Living
Uncategorized How Smart is Your Home? Selling or Buying Smart Homes More and more homeowners are employing smart home technology within their homes.  It may start with a video doorbell or lights and progress to other devices.  The smart-home device market is rapidly growing and Forbes research expects it to grow from $55 billion in 2016 to $174 billion in 2025. […]
Costs of Housing The Measure of a Home How Does It Measure Up? People are always looking for a “down and dirty” way to determine the value of a home and square footage seems to be one of the most common things used by people whether they are buyers, sellers or real estate agents.  While it seems straight forward, there are several variances that […]
Investing Is now the time for alternative investments? Alternative Investments In a recent article, The Wall Street Journal reported that investors have rarely been this flush with cash.  The economic uncertainty due to the pandemic and the volatility of the stock market has caused assets in money-market funds to increase to approximately $4.6 trillion, the highest level on record according to Refinitv Lipper. The […]
Credit Missed Payments Missed Payments Wondering how much it can or will effect your chances of owning a home or what you can do about it? Let’s talk.
Buyers Agent Buyers – be prepared in this sellers market 6 Mistakes to Avoid 10/2020
Moving What to do before you get ready to SELL? Four Things Sellers Should Do Before the Sign Goes in the Yard 10/2020 Just like buyers should be pre-approved before they begin to look at houses, Sellers should have their home pre-approved.  The reasons are similar: appeal to the “right” buyers, discover issues with the home early, improve marketability, increase negotiations position and close quicker. For […]
Buyers Agent Here’s how homeownership is – Worth the Push It’s Worth Digging a Little Deeper 10/2020 There are hundreds of thousands of people who believe, for one reason or another, they cannot afford to buy a home currently.  Some people  may not for any number of reasons but it would be very surprising to know how many who can buy but have gotten some bad […]
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Buying Insurance Mistakes Costly Insurance Mistakes
Home Maintenance DIY – not just for big projects DIY Shower Cleaner
Costs of Housing To pool or not to pool Building a Pool Is Just the Beginning During the first major stay-at-home event that most of us have experienced in this country, a pool can give you and your family enjoyable recreation without leaving the home.  For those without a pool, the NPD group reports that the Covid-19 pandemic has increased pool building by 161% this year. When […]
Costs of Housing Three Reasons to Refinance Three reasons to refinance a home include lowering the cost of housing, shortening the term of the mortgage to pay it off sooner or to using the equity to accomplish another purpose. Replacing the mortgage at a lower interest rate, which is entirely possible in today’s market, would reduce the payment.  On the other hand, shortening […]
Uncategorized COVID and Credit Standards Tighter Credit Standards According to the FNMA Mortgage Lender Sentiment Study for the second quarter of 2020, 52% of participants said during the past three months, they have tightened credit standards for mortgages that can be purchased by government sponsored enterprises, GSE, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  64% reported they had also tightened standards for non-GSE […]
Buyers Agent Most difficult steps in home buying process 2019 Buyer Survey says…
Buyers Agent Contract – then Inspection Great, you got the and attorney review is over, whats next? Inspection Time
Buying Real Estate Investing Let your tenants send your kids to college 8/2020
Moving Section 121 Exclusion – Capital Gains
Buyers Agent Real Estate in a COVID world REALTORS Thoughts on the Recovery 7/2020 The National Association of REALTORS® just released the Market Recovery Survey of a random sampling to close to 100,000 members conducted June 24-26, 2020.  The following statements are the members’ opinion on various aspects of the recovery to the Covid-19 pandemic as it relates to real estate. In response to the safety […]
Buyers Agent Tips in a Low Inventory Market 5 mistakes to avoid when making an offer
Costs of Housing Mortgage Prepayment Prepaying Your Mortgage 7/2020 Paying off your mortgage can provide peace of mind and is a worthy goal but is it the best thing for you to do at this time. Do you have higher interest rate debt currently?  If you have credit card debt with double-digit rates or personal, car or student loans, you’ll probably […]